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Daycare and Boarding

The Care Your Pet Deserves

We are not your average kennel. We want our place to be your dogs happy and safe place. Four Leaf provides top-notch care, at an reasonable price.


You can rest assure your dog will be well cared for by our fully-trained team of dog lovers. Best of all, they go home happy and tired. 

Four Leaf K9 is located just off of west route 18, in Streator, IL. (Dana Black top)

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If your dog is new to boarding with us, we have found that a day or two of day care prior to their stay, helps the dogs get acclimated for a stress free, positive experience.

Dogs that are new to our day care program, need to start with our Day Camp. We work on not just socializing properly, but, no pulling on leash, no jumping, sit/stays, coming when called, not dashing through gates and door ways.

If we feel your dog is too stressed or scared, we have the right to decline day care/boarding arrangements.   
All of our dogs have constant interaction throughout the day! We group all dogs according to age, size, and play level. The dogs get a mid-day rest period for lunch.
We hand out complimentary treats, and provide fresh filtered water at all times.

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Day Care Learning Program

All new puppies or dogs start at Level 1: Beginner dogs or puppies need to learn how to read other dog’s body language and cues. Follow basic obedience commands before they can be off leash with others. This require's more one on one training with staff. Transportation is not available to new dogs until they are properly established.

Level 2: Intermediate dogs that have made great steps on listening and learning to play properly, but still need assistance with leash attached for continued training.

Level 3: Advanced dogs that know the daily routine and play properly.  Know all basic commands, and listen off leash to staff with minimal training required.

Transportation: is available for an additional charge. Our transportation routes stay the same per week to stay consistent and on time. We pre-arrange this service and ideal if owners can’t bring their dogs to day care.


Drop off & pick up time's are

8-10 am or 3-5 pm.

We prefer dogs to come in the am time to get settled and have fun during the day. No additional charges verses arriving in the pm time.  

Please see our detailed information sheet for complete details.

We do offer the following add on services:

Administration of medication, brushing, bathing, de-shedding, and nail trim's.* Transportation service is available to our regular day care bus clients. (Pending space is available.) 

*If your dog is in need of a professional groomer instead of just a bath, we have the right to refuse bathing. 


Four Leaf's suite's

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