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My passion for animals and interest in helping others, inspired my decision to work in the animal field. In 1996, 

I began my dog career as a veterinary tech for 16 years at Countryside Animal Clinic in Streator.

I then decided to become a dog trainer and went back to school and then graduated in 2010.


I founded Four Leaf K9 in 2013 and started providing the area with loving pet care ever since. I wanted to help as many people with their dog’s behavior and provide a fun place for dogs to socialize, play, and learn, but in a safe manor.

The Training, Day Care and Boarding services took off before I knew it!!! I needed a bigger building and staff. So, in 2015, I then had a new kennel built and added great employee's over the growth period. 

Over the years, I have rescued and taken in various animals. They always seemed to find me and way into my heart. Two of the dogs I have now, were on their way of euthanasia, due to aggression. I knew they just needed a second chance at life, with proper life long training. Everyone is always shocked that they "were once aggressive" when they see them now. 


As of this year of Covid, we no longer have a dog trainer and I decided to take a step back from the dog training side and focus on my family, the business side of the kennel, staff, and the dogs that are in our care, 365 days a year. 

We will always continue to help dogs and their owners with day camps, day care, and boarding services. We take pride in changing dogs behavior when the first start coming, to when they develop into one of our "regular's". It is so rewarding to hear clients say, how excited their dogs get when they know just exactly where they are going when heading here. 

Erin Marconi

Pictured above,  taking time out for a walk with my own pups. My Bullmastiff's, Mayah, Wally, Rango, and Clover. Then my Australian Shepherd, Lola.
RIP: Mayah and Rango. I will forever miss you. Until we will meet again.

erin w her dogs.webp
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