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Hi everyone!

I just wanted to reach out to all of our clients. As of today, my doors have been closed for two weeks. I was planning to reopen on April 8th, but now we are pushed to the 30th. Will that date get pushed longer too? I sure hope not.

I tried to make my 1st video of me addressing all that I am going to discuss on here, but it turned into a 20 minute video and wouldn't even upload! Ugh!! So, I will start blogging on my website.

I would like to start by shouting out a huge thank you to the clients that reached out to me after I closed! They wanted their balances and get payments out in the mail. To the ones that wanted me to charge them for their dogs normal day care days, (which I can't do), to one lady that mailed me a payment for cancelling her boarding reservations. It truly means a lot. I have a lot of great dog clients :)

The crazy 11-12 hour fast paced work days, happy and excited dogs, seeing my clients and staff, to checking in on boarders throughout the night on my phone, went to a screeching halt right before my eyes. I don't even know how to adapt. I have always wished for a week or two off for a mental break. Now I have it and hate it!! One thing positive out of this, is I'm enjoying my time with my family and own animals. Many of you know know I bought baby chickens and ducks.

It is a very depressing, scary time for all and we are affected differently by this. As a small business owner, it is completely heart wrenching and financially killing me. The business I started from ground zero, is empty. No dogs, no phones calls or texts, no emails to address, nothing! I hope the world can return to normal as soon as possible for the sake of all people and especially all the new and existing businesses in our area.

I certainly wish I could of stayed open as this line of work to many, is essential. Unfortunately, I went from a fully booked kennel for boarding with spring breaks, weddings, and sports events for March and April, to everyone's plans on hold or they were cancelled. I had to lay off my help in that department.

For day care, my numbers where dropping when I was open and all this started. My main full time employee's had to go into peoples homes and pick up the dogs Monday through Friday. That's not safe either. They opted to be laid off for the time being.

I hope to at least bring back day care for owners to bring and receive their own dogs from outside. I just need to know how many owners will be willing to bring in during the week to know if I need to bring back staff or run the show by myself.

As for the group training classes that started, we've tossed ideas around and hope to get moving forward with these people and their dogs. Everyone has been totally understanding and I sure do appreciate that. Moving to online training is like starting all over.

There are several things that come to mind during this self quarantine. I plan on offering virtual help on Zoom like one on one training and share some pointers in future blogging, but here are a few that I want to point out.

One, how are my day care dogs adapting to not coming? Are they happy to be home with their owners if possible or are they sad and need to burn energy. Are they going to come back crazy, probably. Lol!!

Two, dogs are creatures of habit. This can affect them as well. I feel there is going to be a lot of separation anxiety cases with dogs in general when owners return to work or can actually leave the house again. They are getting use to owners being home.

Three, people are going out and rescuing a new dog or buying new puppies. Which is great! If people plan on crating/kenneling the new dog or partitioning them off to a room when they return back work or leave the house, they need to start this now. Even when you are home. That goes for all the other dogs that were use to do this before owners started staying home.

Four, people are wanting help with training or need to start training the new dog the moment they bring them home. Puppies need proper socializing at a young age to avoid fear aggression or antisocial behavior with people and dogs. (Benefits of group classes) They need to learn to walk properly on leash. It's endless and we want to still help owners with training or even help with any existing behavioral issues that owners and dogs were making progress on.

Please comment below on how our dogs and clients are doing. We miss the dogs!!

I would love to hear from you!

Stay safe and healthy,


Owner of Four Leaf K9

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