Welcome to our new online training

With the Corona crisis, we had to put a halt on our group training classes and private lessons held at Four Leaf K9. We put together a way we can keep training  still possible with our existing clients. 

Once we get caught up with our existing clients with this new way of training online, we will start offering help to new clients with training their dogs in the comfort of their own homes. 

Virtual Training - is a one on one consultation/lesson via Zoom with trainer and owner, on the issues you are having with your dog and begin with detailed training steps to get started. You may require to set up more than one session if you are experiencing more than one bad behavioral issue.

Total time with trainer: 45 minutes per session

Cost per session:  $50 includes follow up email support


                     Existing Clients 


                     New Clients 


Online Group Classes - (FOR EXISTING GROUP CLASS PARTICIPANTS)sessions will be held weekly. The way of communication will be through email link to zoom with an invite code to connect with the trainer . To keep things easier, online training class will be held on the same night and time as you enrolled in our group classes. If you can not make the live audio, you will be able to view the class after, but do not fall to far behind.

New to Zoom? 

Here are some helpful links on getting started and requirements for this to work properly. 

Logging in with your phone


Logging in with your desk top (recommended)




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