"Time for school"

                  PLAN AHEAD

We have to right to refuse any service if owner does not provide proof of vaccinations and preventive prior to arrival.

Four Leaf k9 requirements

We want everyone’s dogs to come in healthy and leave just as healthy and happy.

If your pet isn’t feeling right, please don’t bring.

Vaccinations required:

Puppies: need at least 2 "puppy boosters" of distemper, parvo, and influenza.

Rabies: given after 4 months of age.

Kennel Cough: or also known as Bordetella.

Adult dogs: Rabies, yearly combo shot, and Bordetella.

Monthly flea and worm preventive:

Must have a fecal test done from your Vet to prevent any parasites from entering our yard. Your dog can have parasites, even if you can’t visibly see them.

Fleas: monthly preventative as well. It only takes 2 fleas to reproduce and keep our facility FLEA & PARASITE FREE.


1204 E 11th Rd
Streator, Lasalle County 61364

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