Dog Training Options

Besides group classes, we offer the following.

Private Lessons, In-Home Lessons, Behavioral Consultations, and Day Trains.


Dog training starts the moment you open your house to the new member of the family. Even the best of dogs can benefit from our group classes for the sole experience of listening to owner with distractions and become a social butterfly.

Puppyhood is the most crucial time to teach leash control, social skills, dog to dog play and body language. If this time was missed, it's still not to late. Dogs of all ages can learn. Just takes more time and patience. 

Dogs are "pack animals" and need the proper guidance in life. Showing your puppy or dog your love but with leadership as well.

 It is human that fails their dog. Don't fall into that category. Make time and start training today! 

Description's of services:

Dog Owner Group sessions: This class is designed to help and train dog owners alike to fix unwanted behaviors. Class is open discussion with other dog owners alike and trainer. No dogs, just owners. The normal group classes are great with dogs and owners, but can be overwhelming and too high of distractions for some. The goal is to help owners get started in the comfort of their own home and then move onto brining dogs to class for the added distractions. Maybe you just need advice on one issue or multiple. Either way, we can help! The trainer will demo the needed steps with her dog. Examples: excitable/hyper behavior, pulls on leash, reactive/barks, dog doesn't sit/stay, or simply ignores you and why this happens. Held on Saturdays. Must reserve spot to attend. Space is limited.

Puppy Classes: Puppies need to learn what is unacceptable and acceptable behavior while they are young. Owners learn how to train the puppy with results and establish who is the leader. The canine brain is pliable and wired to learn the most from social experiences that occur now, not when they are an adult.  The goal of socializing a puppy is to develop an adult dog who is comfortable and relaxed with things encountered in the dog's environment. Most importantly, it reduces the likelihood of the dog showing signs of fearful behavior or aggression later in life. 

6 - 1 hour a week classes.  (Ages 3 1/2 -6 months old) Must reserve spot to attend


Good Dog Manners Class: AKA- Basic Obedience. Along with the importance of the socialization dogs get from the class setting, we work hard on leadership. Dogs learn to listen with distractions of other dogs, people, new environment, and added obstacles. Dogs need classes to help learn to listen to owners while distracted, such as having company or being out in public, and still listen to commands given without a treat to bribe in position.  The class also helps owners know how to communicate with your dog, and most importantly, develop a much needed bond between the "pack leader"(owner) and dog.

6 - 1 hour a week classes.  (Ages 6 months and older) Must reserve spot to attend

We also offer advanced obedience, specialty classes, and public classes when weather permited.


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