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Dog Day Care

Controlled play groups

Four Leaf K9's Day Care is unique, just like the dogs are.  They are arranged in playgroups based on size and compatibility. We entertain and supervise the playgroups their entire stay. Play areas rotated between our divided indoor playroom and outdoor turfed playground. Imagine your dog surrounded by friends playing, romping, and socializing in a safe, supervised and controlled atmosphere. We offer personal attention, pool time, bubbles, laser tag, toys, snacks, naps, with general obedience.
TO GET STARTED: We always start new dogs to our day care with some type of training.  All dogs first trail days here are considered day trains for an added charge until dog is established. How many days with training, depends on the individual dog and training knowledge.



1204 E 11th Rd
Streator, Lasalle County 61364

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