Dog Boarding

Closed for pick up and drop off on some major Holidays.


Please pre-arrange during our drop off and pick up times.

Monday - Sunday 8:00-10:00am or 3:00-5:00pm. (PM PICKUP CHARGE APPLIES) Boarding times are by appointment only during holidays and spring/summer peak season for a stress free experience for you and your pet. 

ABOUT: With many years of dog experience, you can rest assured that your pet will receive the attentiveness they need. We offer fun, clean, supervised areas for your dog to socialize and burn off energy during the day. Whether they like other dogs or rather just hang out with our staff for belly rubs.  

We fill up fast, so make sure to reserve time today!

OUR KENNELS: (which we refer to as "suites") are custom designed to give dogs a cozy den to eat, rest in between and at night. Not cold or damp concrete. Camera's are in all dog areas, 24/7, soft music plays and lavender essential oils are diffused.
NEW DOGS: If your dog is new to boarding or us, please arrange a day or two of day care prior to your dogs over night stay. We want all dogs to come in excited and ready to run and play -vs- stressed out or scared. 
REQUIREMENT: Rabies (if older than 6 months), yearly Distemper/Parvo booster, and Bordetella for kennel cough. Also need to be on a monthly flea and de-worming preventative.

UPDATES: everyone is welcome to call or text for an update on your pet for peace of mind. 

For an added fee, we offer special needs board for puppy/senior care, diabetic's, training while they stay, baths, nail trimming, and more!
​Call to arrange your dogs vacation today!



1204 E 11th Rd
Streator, Lasalle County 61364

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